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WEBRIL Handi-Pads
These familiar 4"x 4" pads have been an industry standard for years, and for good reason. They have all the properties WEBRIL material is known for in a size convenient for many small press and plate making operations. Also great in the camera room and stripping areas.

These larger 8"x 8" wipes are just right for bigger jobs. The same high quality WEBRIL material but on a perforated roll. The handy wall dispenser makes these popular wipes convenient without taking up scarce shelf or table space.

Nubtex Shop Cloths are ideal for cleaning blankets, rollers and ink trays, as well as for all types of general cleanup. And since Nubtex provides the assurance of a fresh towel each time, there is no unwanted metal debris to worry about.

The TX1009 AlphaWipe® is constructed in a double-knit, no-run interlock pattern, which ensures maximum abrasion resistance and surface contact. AlphaWipe’s® unique knit pattern provides greater surface area per wiper, which means more adsorptive capacity and greater wiping efficiency.

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