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Wire Elelments 2:1 Pitch

Duo Wire Elements, 2:1 Pitch

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Duo Wire Elements, 2:1 Pitch

Duo Wire Elements, 2:1 Pitch

Ref: ew21

Total Price: $25.00

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Metal Double Wire
DuoWire is the most prestigious and secure binding system! Akiles DuoWire is ideal for binding a vast range of articles, such as catalogs, manuals, books, agendas, recipe books, notebooks, calendars, and all sorts of sample booklets and swatches.

Product Summary

Advantages: Professional appearance, economic, easy to use, allow a 360 degree fold, secure (locked) binding, and functional.
Stock colors: black, white, red, blue, and silver.

High quality "Nylon Coated" DuoWire.
Pitch 2:1
5/8 Box of 50 ($25.00)
3/4 Box of 50 ($33.00)
7/8 Box of 50 2:1 ($38.00)
1" Box of 50 ($45.00)
1-1/8" Box of 30 ($88.00)
1-1/4" Box of 30 2:1 ($91.00)

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