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WeighMaster Paper Scale

WeighMaster Paper Scale

WeighMaster Paper Scale


Price: $270.00

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WeighMaster Paper Scale
Determine actual paper weight, not thickness, with this unique pocket-sized scale.
Determining basis weight for paper has always been a problem because different grades of paper have different sizes for their standard. Often, two different sheets of paper can have the same thickness, but a different weight. The WeighMaster actually weighs a sheet of 8-1/2" x 11" paper then by using a simple conversion factor specific to the grade of paper gives the papers weight. This is much easier than weighing a ream of parent sheets.

Accurate enough to measure the effect of heavily inked samples. Applicable to either US/Canadian system or metric

Provided with the six conversion factors for different paper grades
Easy-to-read LCD display
Automatic shut-off saves batteries
Comes with vinyl carry pouch and batteries
Limited 80 day warranty

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