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cotton chip set

cotton chip set FHIC400

cotton chip set FHIC400

Ref: FHIC400

Price: $1,725.00

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2,310 market-driven PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors
Includes 210 New Colors
Removable 1" x 1" cotton chips for palette creation and presentations

The industry standard palette development tool for home, fashion and textile designers!

Guide includes 2,310 colors, including 210 brand new colors
Arranged in chromatic format, with helpful index located in the back for easy navigation
Easy to store on a bookshelf or desk
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This Cotton Chip set comes from Pantone, biggest and best name in color. Housed in a convenient and easy to navigate three ring binder, this two volume color guide is perfect for those working in the fashion and interior design industries. Each page contains 35 colors printed on 1”x1” squares, each of them removable for easy use and matching. Each color is a piece of cotton, attached to a square of highly durable paper, making them virtually indestructible. Organized fantastically and easy to navigate, this is a fantastic and essential tool for designers and decorators alike.

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