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i1 iSis 2 Automatic Chart Reader

i1 iSis 2 Automaic Spectral Chart Reader with OBC EOIS2

i1 iSis 2 Automaic Spectral Chart Reader with OBC EOIS2

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Total Price: $3,350.00

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Standard Size 9 inches Wide ($3,350.00)
XL Size 13 inches Wide ($3,900.00)

i1iSis 2 with Optical Brightening Compensation (OBC)

i1iSis 2 Automated Chart Reader

Fast. Precise. Productive.
Your time is valuable. If you spend any of it measuring charts, the i1iSis 2 automated chart reader with M-Series measurement illumination conditions will improve both your productivity and the quality of your print production.

i1iSis 2 with Optical Brightening Compensation (OBC)
The automated solution for high speed chart measurements, now with industry first true OBC correction solution.

i1iSis 2 Benefits At A Glance
Capture full spectral data for the charts you measure.
Leverage switchable illumination to capture M0, M1 and M2 in a single chart measurement cycle.
Use with i1Profiler to accommodate a variety of inks and substrates in any viewing condition using Optical Brightening Compensation (OBC).
Assure compliance with new ISO standards for M-Series measurement illumination conditions.
The i1iSis 2 family of automated chart readers is X-Rite Graphic Arts Standard (XRGA) compliant to ensure the most precise inter-instrument agreement.


The OBC Kit contains the OBC Software CD and OBC Standards. (requires i1iSis and ProfileMaker 5 or MonacoPROFILER dongle)

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