650DTP Series desk top publishers ruler

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The 650DTP Series desk top publishers ruler is 1 1/4″ wide, .032″ thick, and is available in 6″ and 18″ lengths. It was developed for use with most desktop computer design, layout, and word processing software on the market. Traditional points and picas and the points and picas which are used in desk top publishing are not the same. We took two general scales, inches in 32nds and half-millimeters, and added the scales most commonly used in computer publishing which we call “computer points” and “computer picas”, 72nds and 6ths of an inch respectively.
The 650DTP is photo-etched (etched directly from film) so that the increments are clear, sharp, and easy to read. This ruler is useful to anyone using computers to set up or create advertising, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, or flyers.


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