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Acid-Based Plate Cleaner for CTP Technology

As CTP plate manufacturers continue to refine plate coating technologies, the traditional plate cleaners currently in use may cause sensitivity on press. Allied Plate Ace is engineered to assist in resolving this issue.
After extensive lab testing on the most popular CTP plates, we have proven this advanced plate cleaner formula is perfectly suited for CTP plate applications.
Plate Ace contains a greater percentage of desensitizing acids, emulsifiers, film formers, and gums than other currently available plate cleaners. We have added metal
conditioners to allow the desensitizing acids to get
into sensitive areas faster and be more efficient. Plate Ace will remove the deepest scratches and clean and condition CTP plates.

• Acid base is less likely to damage today’s CTP plates
• Passed all chemical resistance tests (report available upon request)
• Contains over twice the amount of desensitizing acids compared to other plate cleaners
• Contains a unique metal surface conditioner not found in other plate cleaners
• Removes oxidation and scum
• Excellent scratch remover
• Cleans and conditions plates
• Stable emulsion that does not separate

Direction For Use:
As a general plate cleaner or to remove oxidation, scum,
or deep scratches: pour Plate Ace onto a clean sponge
or shop towel. Wipe over the total plate surface, paying
particular attention to any affected areas. Wet wash with
water and print.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 10 in


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