Big-foot Printing Press Suckers

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For over 15 years, BigFoot printing press feeders have helped eliminate the feeding problems around the world. Designed by a pressman for the pressman, BigFoot will eliminate your feeding problems or your money back.

The BigFoot feeder is the first true sheet seeking suckerfoot for both large and small printing presses. When vacuum on your press goes on, BigFoot reaches for the top sheet. Once there, it pulls back and feeds the sheet through the press, eliminating doubles and misfeeds. The action of reaching out is what makes the BigFoot printing press feeder a unique suckerfoot. Since each foot is controlled by its own vacuum actuated piston, one will reach lower than the other which is especially helpful when running envelopes and wavy stock. So give BigFoot a try. If it doesn’t eliminate your feeding problems, we’ll refund your purchase price.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 6 in
Press Model

AB Dick 360 & 9800 Set of 4, ATF Chief-15,17,215,217, ATF Chief 20, 22, 29, Bobst Die Cutter, Davidson 2 Pieces, Davidson 3 pieces, Hamada 500, 600, 665, Hamada 700, 800, Hamada 611, 612, 662, E-47, Heidelberg QM46, Kluge, Miele Verticle, Multi 1250 Old Style w/brackets, Multi New Style 1250, 1650, 1360, Multi 1850, Multi 1860, 1850N, Ryobi Skinny Tubes 4 pcs, Ryobi Black Tube, ATF SuperChief XLK, Super Bigfoot, Super Bigfoot w/brackets, Toko


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