Calcium Slayer and Flush Set of 2–12oz Bottles

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Glazed rollers cause increased ink and water consumption and reduced print quality.  Renew the life of your rollers with Calcium Slayer & Flush.  A fast efficient cleaning system every press needs!

Calcium Slayer and Flush utilize patented technology to obliterate calcium glaze from rubber offset printing rollers. This breakthrough two-step cleaning system is safe for the user and the environment. Safe and effective is no longer heresy.

• Obliterates calcium and glaze from rubber rollers

• Eliminates stripping & hickies that may be caused by glaze

• Improves ink transfer and ink/water balance

• Extends roller life and reduces ink consumption

• No VOC’s. No chemical fumes. No hazmat shipping fees

• Fully biodegradable. Safe for the user and environment


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