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CML-Oil Base Plus®
This popular ink set combines the versatility of a rubber base ink with all the print and drying qualities of an oil base. The only oil-based ink blended especially for duplicators, it is ideal for both coated and uncoated stocks, and can be used on presses featuring conventional or integrated dampening systems. It features superb rub resistance and high gloss levels and is compatible with all conventional lithographic plates.

1 Kg (2.2#) per/can unless otherwise noted

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions N/A

VS155 Universal Black, VS181 Yellow, VS182 Warm Red, VS183 Rubine Red, VS184 Rhodamine Red, VS185 Purple, VS186 Reflex Blue, VS187 Process Blue, VS188 Green, VS189 Trans White, VS110 Pantone Black, VS115 Violet, VS159 Opaque White 3.3#, VS193 012 Yellow, VS194 021 Orange, VS192 032 Red, VS195 072 Blue, VS715 185 Dutch Fireball 1#, VS765 185 Dutch Fireball 5#, VS716 199 Red Pepper 1#, VS718 286 Delft Blue 1#, VS719 293 Liberty Blue 1#, VS720 300 Brilliant Blue 1#, VS721 347 Ivy Mint 1#, VS723 357 Forest Green 1#, VS727 Copper Gold 1#, VS728 Metallic Silver 1#, VS731 Bordeaux Red 1#, VS740 200 Scarlet Red 1#, VS743 Amazon Green 1#, VS109 Magnetic Black 1kg, VS119 Magnetic Black 10#, VS200 Mega Magic Black 2.2#


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