CPC Plate Cleaner by Varn

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Varn CPC Plate Cleaner is compatible with most plates, cleans and desensitizes the non-image area of the plate, removes minor scratches, and can even be used for plate storage. Complete is low-VOC, and its cream-like texture and viscosity make it easy to apply.

FOR PLATE CLEANING: Apply product to plate using a damp cloth or sponge until the majority of the ink is removed.
Buff down the remaining product to a smooth thin film using a soft, clean dry cloth.
FOR LONG-TERM STORAGE: Apply product to plate using a damp cloth or sponge. Remove all ink and wipe plate
with a damp cloth. Re-apply product and buff down to a smooth thin film to eliminate streaks before allowing to dry naturally. Do not use fan heaters or dryers as these can harden or crack the protective film.

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Weight 3 lbs
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Single Qt., Case of 12 Qts.


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