Extended Gamut Coated Guide GG7000

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Extended Gamut Guide is the latest development in process printing technology with 90% better Pantone spot color matches over CMYK by adding Orange, Green and Violet to the color gamut. Get more vibrant colors and closer matches to Pantone spot colors when using our Extended Gamut Guide for marketing materials, signage, and packaging.


  • Portable, handheld fan deck
  • Printed to ISO Certification so colors can be consistently reproduced
  • Printed on the most commonly used coated paper stock weight (100 lb)


  • 1,729 Pantone spot colors simulated using CMYK+OGV base inks
  • Includes seven-color process (CMYK+OGV) and RGB values for each color
  • Formulas include no more than three base ink colors so they can be reproduced by most color presses
  • Colors arranged in chromatic format, with index at the back of guide indicating numeric location

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Weight 2 lbs


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