Jobz Hand and Multi-Surface Wipes

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Removes adhesives, caulk, dirt, grease, grime, inks, lubricants, oils, paints, soil, and much more!
Clean Hands, Tools and Surfaces
Jobz pre-moistened hand and multi-surface wipes are exceptionally powerful with a robust dual-textured towel which completely cleans hands and surfaces. Our innovative formula disintegrates soils and locks them into the towel, while moisturizing hands and preventing drying and cracking of skin.
Hands and surfaces are left very clean and free from residue.
Jobz outperforms the competition but is one of the safest cleaning wipes on the market.
10 ×12 inch wipes (25.4cm×30.5cm)
Packaged 72 wipes per bucket
Jobz Ingredients: Water, Surfactant Package
(Alkyl Sulfonate, C11-C13 Ethoxylate, Amphoteric),
Fragrance, Preservative, Sodium Citrate, Aloe Vera,
Provitamin B5.
USES: RV & Marine, Automotive, Machining, Printing, Contractors, Dirty Jobs
Proudly Manufactured in the USA
• Dual-textured wipes
• Aggresive texture on one side for tough cleaning, and a soft side for gentler tasks
• Convenient bucket dispenser
• Best cleaning power and gentle on skin
• Handles toughest grime
• Helps prevent cracking and drying of skin
• Leaves no residue
• Fresh citrus fragrance
• Portable and handy
• Requires no rinsing
• Excellent when no water is available

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