Pantone Plus Metallic Formula Guide

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Metallics Coated

SKU: GG1507

Addressing market demand for eye-catching design details, the Metallics guide provides distinctive, elegant, and unique Pantone metallic spot colors with their corresponding ink formulations. Use this guide for branding, packaging, and signage when metallic colors are desired.

Premium MetallicsCoated

SKU: GG1505

Perfect for adding an aspirational finish to designs, the Premium Metallics Guide illustrates our most refined and luxurious Pantone colors with their corresponding ink formulations. Premium Metallics are formulated to prevent tarnishing, leafing, blemishing, and loss of luster. Use this guide for logos and branding, packaging, signage, and marketing materials.

Including our complete collection of essential, eye-catching, and dazzling spot colors with their corresponding ink formulations, the Metallic Guide Set includes our Metallics and Premium Metallics guides. Use this set for branding, packaging, marketing materials, and signage when distinctive, high-quality and luxurious design details are required.

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Metallics, Premium Metallics, Set of Metallics and Premium Metallics


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