SuperBlue Stripe Net

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Never wash ink off a transfer or delivery cylinder again. The patented Super Blue 2® anti-marking, anti-static system featuring StripeNet™ anti-marking, anti-static nets is a superior method of protecting the wet side of a printed sheet. It accomplishes this by preventing ink buildup on transfer and delivery positions, thus eradicating the common problem of marking.

Less Marking
Faster Make-readies
More Available Press Time
Less Paper Waste
No Static Buildup

6 Nets per package

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions N/A
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X0S0290250 29X25, X0S0340280 24X38, X0S0450320 45X32, XA10SBNETS 23X18, XB10SBNETS 29X36, XC10SBNETS 32X36, XD20SBNETS 20X18, XF10SBNETS 23X36, X0S0142195 QM46, X0S0248167 SM52, X0S0425302 SM102, X2S0340226 SM74, X3S0344219 SM74 TRANSFER CYL., XHS0235170 GTO52, XHS0285220 MO, XHS0300222 KOMORI 28, XHS0340220 SM74 TRANSTER CYL., XHS0425313 KOMORI L40


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