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Multi Level Ink Dryer

Product Features

  • Extremely useful when printing on non-absorbent stocks like polyester, vinyl and synthetic papers.
  • Use with all substrates – overcomes problems experienced when printing on acidstock, ink dries normally allowing higher throughput.
  • Turbo Dry may be added directly to the ink duct on press. It is vital that the Turbo Dry be mixed thoroughly with the ink to ensure even distribution.
  • For especially difficult situations, or when a job has to be trimmed, folded, scored or finished in a hurry, Turbo Dry can relieve the pressure.
  • Unlike more traditional dryers, there is no level at which Turbo Dry will inhibit ink drying.

Product Overview

Compatible with all oxidation / conventional drying inks. Typically a 7% addition (1 oz per pound of ink) will halve the ink drying time – even with the notoriously difficult Reflex Blue. Laboratory and press tests with transparent yellow at relatively high dosages Turbo Dry had no discernable effect on hue or color level of the ink. Blind tests by a leading American ink manufacturer showed improvement in the rub and scuff resistance of the printed ink film.

Product Application

Dosage: A good starting point with Turbo Dry is to add 7% or 1 ounce per pound of ink. This dosage will cover most applications and give a dramatic improvement in drying time. By increasing the dosage the printer can control the drying speed of his ink. Up to 25% Turbo Dry can be added before there is no benefit.

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