Allied Universal Plate Cleaner Case of 6

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For Conventional and Thermal Baked/Unbaked Plates

Product Features

  • Tested on the world’s most widely used plates to ensure performance
  • Protects against and removes calcium, preventing image blinding
  • Unique product color helps user see and monitor application
  • Contains materials that attract ink to plate image
  • Use for short-term plate storage

Product Overview

UPC was developed as a plate cleaner/desensitizer, heavy duty scratch remover, and short-term storage gum that would perform on the many types of plates available. To ensure maximum performance, each raw material in the product has been thoroughly tested on the world’s most widely used brand-name plates.
Using a blend of mild active solvents, UPC quickly lifts and removes inks. It contains a unique blend of acids to ensure fast and complete desensitization and dissolves and removes any calcium that has attached to the plate image. UPC contains materials that help attract ink to the image ensuring fast start-ups, even after storage. UPC’s deep violet color helps the user clearly see where UPC has been applied during cleaning or when applying to plates for storage.

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Weight 18 lbs


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