Varn V-60 Plus Wash

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Product Features
Varn® V60 Plus is a new improved formulation roller and blanket wash that incorporates a unique emulsifying package and solvent blend to provide vastly superior ink solvency over many of the comparative washes available in today’s competitive marketplace.V Varn® V60 Plus is an AIII classification roller and blanket wash that meets the approval of all major OEM’s.
Varn® V60 Plus is proven to reduce wash up cycle time and the volume of solvent typically used.
Varn® V60 Plus has high anti-corrosion protection and so is ideal for new presses and utomatic roller and blanket washing systems.

Advantages of Varn® V60 Plus
Excellent ink solvency.
FOGRA approved.
Recommended for automatic roller and blanket washing equipment.
Safe on all plates including CtP material.
High flashpoint (>60ºC) AIII.
High press corrosion protection.
Low odor.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

5 gal., 55 gal.


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