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Varn Ink-Readi applies a protective film against ink skinning on rollers, in fountains or in cans. This is a professional product and will not change the color, consistency or drying speed of any offset or letterpress inks.

Varn Glass cleaner is a professional product formulated for the graphic arts industry and should not be
confused with households cleaners. Varn’s anti-static action retards dust attraction and eliminates inholes on negatives, saving valuable opaquing time.

Varn Silicone Spray forms a slippery, long-lasting silicone film that repels water, ink, grease, rust and glue, and forms a corrosion-resistant film. Spray on impression, blanket and plate cylinders, on press feedboards, feeder and delivery wheels.

Varn’s concentrated Anti-Static Spray grounds out static-instantly. Spray on printing and binding equipment.

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Weight 1 lbs

Ink Readi, Anti Static, Glass Cleaner, Silicone Spray

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Single Cans, Case of 12


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