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Varn® FountainPure™ Filters provide advanced cleaning of fountain solutions in your fountain recirculation systems. These filters remove all  contaminants and extend the replenishment cycle of fountain solution. FountainPure™ Filters will remove impurities that cause scumming, tinting, hickeys and premature plate wear and roller glaze. In addition, using FountainPure™ Filters will drastically reduce fountain system maintenance.

Advantages of Varn® FountainPure™ Filters
• Extends fountain solution life
• Less product consumption and easier waste disposal for greater environmental compliance
• Dramatically increases print quality by removing impurities
• Gain better conductivity control over longer press runs
• Reduces press maintenance
• Use results in less residue in trays, recirculator sump, and on dampening roller.

FountainPure™ Filter
Part Number: 7600EA Application:
Sheetfed Presses
Micron Size: 40

FountainPure™ LSW
Part Number: 7602EA Application:
Sheetfed, Miniweb and Business
Forms Presses with Individual,
Non-gravity Mixing Units
Micron Size: 40

FountainPure™ HF
Part Number: 7007EAG Application:
Large Sheetfed, Business Forms
and Web Presses with Centralized,
Non-gravity Mixing Units
Micron Size: 100



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