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The blanket gauge has two steel needles mounted in the gauge, which are pressed through the blanket and packing. When the needle points contact the steel surface of the blanket cylinder, an electrical circuit is completed, which is indicated by the illuminated red light next to the dial. The dial indicator rests on the blanket surface and reads a total thickness of blanket-plus-packing.

1. Place the blanket gauge on the calibration plate.
2. When the light comes on, rotate the dial to “0”.
3. Place the blanket gauge on the blanket.
4. Press firmly until the light comes on.
5. Read the dial (the blanket-plus-packing total).
. Accuracy is assured by means of electro-mechanical principle. The packing readings are accurate within .0005″.
. Measurements can be made in less than one minute per cylinder.
. Our blanket gauge is made of the finest quality aluminum with anodized finish to protect it from damage of normal use. The dial is jeweled to protect it from over-travel. The blanket gauge comes with a long-life lithium battery and a plastic carrying case is foam lined for extra protection.
. This blanket gauge is portable and its compact size (1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 3″) makes our gauge convenient to use and handle.

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