Advanced Rotary Trimmer

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Keencut’s Advanced Rotary Cutter (ARC) is the only rotary trimmer with dual cutting wheels, providing two-way cutting flexibility and guaranteed sharpness with its tungsten steel blades. Its unique monorail bearing system design, positioned underneath the surface of the baseboard, makes the ARC specifically suited for the cutting of ultra-thin and thin materials – without buckling on the edge of the blade. Additionally, the ARC guarantees that the cut is consistent over the entire length of the material – no bows or buckles in the middle.

The ARC is designed for use on a bench or attached to the optional stand or stand package. Keencut’s quality steel ARC stand with its smooth black finish brings the cutter to a comfortable 36″ H waist height. The Stand Package includes the standard 36″ high steel stand, but also adds a waste catcher that collects off cuts into a neat catch basin, as well as a roll feeder bar positioned between the stand legs that allows users to cut straight from roll media.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions N/A

60606 42", 60609 60", 60613 80", 60611 100", 60612 120"

36" Height Stand

Without Stand, With 36" Height Stand

Stand, Waste Catcher & Roll Feeder

Without Stand, Waste Catcher & Roll Feeder, With Stand, Waste Catcher & Roll Feeder


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