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The unwinding characteristics the 52325 tape offer easier tape mounting. The structured PP-liner also prevents the formation of air pockets when plate mounting. Plates are easily repositioned during mounting, as the full adhesion of the tape only becomes effective during the print run.

The high adhesion and good shear resistance of these tapes ensure that there is no plate movement or edge lift problems, even at high speeds and on extended print runs. On demounting, there is no adhesive residue on the plate or the cylinder.


tesa® 52015 Softprint Steel Master is a double-coated foam tape, designed specifically for mounting photopolymer plates with a thickness of 1.70mm (0.067″) or 2.54mm (0.100″) in flexographic label printing.

The medium-hard foam makes this the ideal solution for printing combinations and solids.

Foam properties

  • Highly compressible foam, with superior recovery behavior for excellent print quality
  • Long lasting recovery characteristic for extended and high speed print runs
  • Low thickness tolerance for quick print preparation and reduced waste

Adhesive properties

  • High bonding on open side to steel cylinder or sleeve to avoid plate movement
  • High bonding to plate to avoid edge-lifting or plate movement
  • Non-increasing bonding power for easy repositioning, especially for easy demounting of plate and tape
  • Very cohesive adhesive structure for demounting without adhesive residue

Additional properties

  • The structured PP-liner prevents the formation of air pockets when plate mounting
  • Blue color marking indicates the medium foam

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