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METAL PLATES: Plate Fix is a super desensitizer built to keep ink from returning to unwanted areas of the plate. When a scratch is deep or a plate is blind, use this product before remaking a plate. Counter acts chemical plate blinding Removes gum streaks and blinding caused by improper gumming .Removes even the severest of scratches, oxidation and scrumming. . We recommend testing plate Fix on your plate before use. POLYESTER PLATES: Use as a plate starter, cleaner and conditioner to keep the plate back round from picking up unwanted ink.


For Metal Plates

Removes metal plate blinding.

Removes gum streaks

Removes severe scratches.

Removes scumming and oxidation.

Polyester Plate Starter and conditioner

Ensures water receptivity of plate background.

Removes and prevents ink build-up on chrome pan rollers.


METAL PLATES For plate sensitivity and general conditioning: wipe over sensitive area of plate, water wash off and restart press. after rubbing into scratch or over blind area allow to sit for an extra few seconds, wash area with water and restart press. For sensitive chrome pan rollers prone to ink build-up: Wipe roller with a side-to-side motion until ink is removed. POLYESTER PLATES Plate Starter: Before starting press, wipe entire polyester plate with Plate Fix. Removing Dry Spots and unwanted ink: wipe over entire plate removing unwanted ink.

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