Zahn Viscosity Cup (Gardco EZ) Made in U.S.A.

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Easily measure viscosity using an EZ viscosity cup and a stopwatch. Simply fill the cup by immersing it in the test liquid. After withdrawing the cup, measure the time it takes until the first break in the liquid stream. Each cup is supplied with a conversion table to determine viscosity in centistokes (cSt) from the elapsed time.
Each stainless steel cup meets dimensions as specified in ASTM D 4212 standards.

EZ Cup orifices are machined rather than drilled to insure exact centering in the cup hemisphere base and a minimum of burr formation. This insures an orifice of specified length and a correct symmetrical efflux stream.
The EZ Cup support rods are offset from the side of the cup and secured to the cup sidewall below the cup rim. This eliminates errors due to test material drainage from support surfaces.
The increased separation width of the support rods by over 20% and the lowering of weld to the cup provide best possible conditions for cleaning.

Technical Data
Cup Number  Seconds Range Centistoke Range Midrange Sensitivity¹ Calibration Oil  Number²
1 40 to 60 10 to 36 1.3 G-10/19
2 20 to 60 19 to 156 3.3 G-60/117
3 12 to 60 64 to 596 10.5 G-200/458
4 10 to 60 79 to 784 13.9 G-200/458
5 10 to 60 161 to 1401 24.2 G-350/878
¹ Stated as centistokes per second of efflux time.
² Centistoke values are nominal – actual values printed on labels


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