Allied All Star Ultra Fountain Solution Case of 4 gal.

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All Star Ultra is the result of striving to challenge and push Fountain Solution technology to the limit of performance.
Added wetting agents along with unique desensitizers provide prolonged plate and blanket cleanliness which yields superior dot & image transfer.
• Replace high dosage one or two part fount and alcohol subs
• Excellent wetting and viscosity building properties, reduces surface tension to the low 30’s
• Increased dryer content ensures shorter dry times, even on non-porous substrates
• Razor sharp reverses, cleaner screens, improved ink taping, denser solids
• Increased gum and desensitizer ensures fast start-ups and less plate sensitivity on long press runs
• Stabilized {buffered} pH
• Helps provide lubricity to the blanket for fast paper release
• Suitable for all offset inks including UV/EB

Direction For Use:
Recommended dosage range – 3 oz. to 5 oz. per gallon.
Conductivity per ounce is 300 micromhos.
We recommend starting with 4 oz./gallon.
Once running, adjust dosage up or down as needed.
Recommended dosage range 2.5% to 4%.
Conductivity per 1% is 400 micromhos.
We recommend starting with 3%, adjusting dosage up or down as needed.
Concentrated Fountain Solution & Alcohol Replacement

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 in


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